It’s been good to talk, COP26 and Rob Burrow

A message from District Governor Stephen Ellis
Fellow Rotarians, we are now 5 months through the Rotary year and fast approaching Christmas, many of you are now meeting face to face, some with hybrid meetings whilst others are alternating between Zoom and face to face. Many of you have successfully changed your meeting venues from hotels to golf clubs which is allowing […]
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Humanitarian appeal for our Rotary friends in Sri Lanka

Rotary in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire has had a long and successful relationship with fellow Rotarians in Sri Lanka. Following the devastating tsunami in 2004 Rotarians from our District visited Sri Lanka to look at what we could do to help with recovery.  Through collaboration with the Rotary Club of Cinnamon Gardens we were able to […]
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Aquabox and ShelterBox Haiti update for clubs

Aquabox and ShelterBox
A Message from Kevin Barclay, Aquabox Trustee I’m a Trustee of Aquabox, (a Rotary Charity in District 1220) and International Officer of Rotary Club of Ashbourne. Aquabox is working to get urgent aid to Haiti, following the devastating earthquake which hit the country recently. The 7.2 magnitude quake is known to have killed more than […]
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How to loan the District’s Myth Busters banners to support your projects

There are 11 banners to share within the District. Each Assistant Governor holds one. Clubs makes contact as required: Bradford Assistant Governor  Caroline Murie Dales Assistant Governor Brian Stott Humber Assistant Governor Janet Drewery Inner Nine Assistant Governor Mike Gill Joint 10 Assistant Governor Derek Housley Leeds Assistant Governor Janet Appleton Lincolnshire North Assistant Governor […]
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Extreme heat warning and why it matters to Rotary

Kindly shared by the environmental specialist from our neighbouring District of South Yorkshire and East Midlands in July 2021.
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Copyright guidance

Copyright infringement holds dangers for Rotary clubs and their members. Thank you, to fellow Rotarians, for this very well sourced updated reference document which is an enhancement on RGBI guidance on the important matter. Whilst taking great care, please do not let it stop you being creative to reach out to new communities not represented […]
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The 9 Primary Purposes of this Website

Feedback welcome via our dedicated email:  1.  Publicly accessible with no ‘members only’ section, encouraging engagement of existing members and a shop window to reach out to new communities. 2.  Encourage club partnership working in city, town, geographical clusters. 3.  Encourage clubs to define what they are about through niche marketing. 4.  Helping guide potential new members to […]
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District 1040 Rotary Shop

Bargains Galore!!!*** John Lacy and David Impey have run the District Shop for the last ten years. We have brought the Shop to District meetings and to Conference at Scarborough.                                                                                                 Since COVID-19 we have been unable to attend either Fulford or Scarborough. Also more sales are now conducted on the Internet. We have, therefore, decided […]
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