March 28, 2023

Malcolm Tagg, District Governor - “It delights me that you’ve made being District Governor, for me, a completely enjoyable experience”

There are 26 Districts in Rotary Great Britain and Ireland and the District Governors are in regular contact with each other. This allows the sharing of best practice, the discussion of issues, problems, solutions and the occasional gripe.

The interaction with others makes the District Governor’s job easier.

What I have noticed, though, is that District 1040 often seems a more harmonious place than elsewhere. When others collectively relate that they’re having problems – often the same problems – it delights me that you’ve made being District Governor, for me, a completely enjoyable experience and I recommend it as a job to all Rotarians.

I always said I wasn’t interested. Then I failed to step back quickly enough when volunteers /nominees were being sought and here I am 75% of the way through the current Rotary year and having a great time. Thank you all.

Why does it work here so much better than it may seem to do elsewhere?

It’s not by accident. In District 1040 we have an effective continuity team (IPDG, DG, DGE, DGN, DGNN and Secretary) who work together (and in a wider context with District Leads) to make sure there are no sudden swerves of direction; to pass on information such that we each know what is happening, where the District is going and how collectively to get there.

It seems to me there is a frequent reluctance within clubs and Districts for individuals to take on ‘management’ jobs. This is particularly noticeable at this time of year when some clubs are struggling to get ‘officers’ for future years.

Maybe it all comes down to attitude of mind.  Whoever within a club holds a particular officer position it shouldn’t be arduous – everyone in the club should pitch in to ensure a good program and harmony. Many clubs are ‘project led’, rather than formally ‘managed’ which reinforces this.

Struggling? Ask for assistance – start with your Assistant Governor (or if you don’t have one) make contact with the District Secretary who will point you in the right direction as a starting point for improvement.

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