August 28, 2022

A guide to help you and your clubs tell your People of Action stories

A guide from our Rotary International Brand Center. Not registered for My Rotary? Why would you not tap into this area as member of a leading worldwide charity? In the meantime, here is the guide to help your Rotary stories.

Tell your People of Action story

In the text of your ad or social media post, tell your People of Action story. Keep it short but informative and inspiring. In as few words as possible:

Say what you did: What action did you take?

Offer statistics or other proof of the difference you made: What did you accomplish? How did your club's action change lives?

Issue a call to action: Do you want people to donate, participate, or learn more? Make it clear what you want them to do.

Show members taking action

Choose images that show Rotary participants taking action by:

•             Featuring real-life, everyday moments

•             Displaying a sense of motion

•             Featuring just a few people that viewers can see well

•             Using warm lighting and natural colours

•             Representing the diversity of your club and community

Examples of imagery to avoid

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