September 16, 2023

Rotarian researching the needs of older people needs your help

Occupational therapist Rtn. Alicia Ridout of Aireborough Rotary (District 1040) is working on her Ph.D. dissertation looking at how occupational therapists can work with older people to use smart (AI) technology safely. The aim is to create new occupational therapy practice tools and to improve conversations about AI safety.

She is conducting a survey and needs your help.  If you are an older person  already using a smart phone or  smart assistant (such as an Alexa TM). Or  use devices which manage your home environment (such home sensors linked to a smart phone). Maybe you use systems that are constantly monitoring your situation and provide health advice or access to support. The survey closes on Nov 17

There are more details of the survey here.
Direct survey link:

For AI featured image thanks to Steve Johnson at Unpslash

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