April 28, 2023

Malcolm Tagg, District Governor - Perspective and image

Perspective: mental view of the relative importance of things

Image: reputation of a persona or Company etc. (or in our case Rotary)

These two items are intertwined and are essential to the longevity of Rotary. Bear in mind, too, that Rotary, in and of itself, achieves little. It is individual Rotarians and their clubs that make the organisation what it is.

Before we ‘join’ we all developed our own perspective on what Rotary represents, what can be achieved through it and whether it was ‘for us’. When potential new members are on the horizon hopefully they already have a good image of, at least, local, Rotary. It is for each of us to try and develop that image favourably such that the enquirer can develop a suitable perspective leading them to committing to membership – or at least helping out from the side lines.

It is important we collectively develop an ability to project our image, to publicise ourselves, wherever and whenever we can, citing examples of what we do, how we’ve done it, how much we’ve enjoyed doing it and, more importantly still, how others have benefited from it.

So far, so much like a horoscope!

I continue to be amazed at the reach our local clubs have through their interaction with clubs overseas and through Foundation. That’s the image we should be stressing alongside our local achievements. That will allow people to develop a better perspective and hopefully they’ll want to be part of that!

Each edition of Sharing Rotary Stories gives prime examples of what is being done in our own small corner of the world. Please send it on to others where you can. Developing our Public Image is essential to create perspective. Want help with developing Public Image for your club? Take the training available through My Rotary and the Learning Centre – it’s simple, quick, online and effective. Lots of clubs are doing this, please join them.

Finally, have you completed all the ‘end of year’ things you should? Updating the database with next year’s office holders? Discussing and signing off on the compliance statements? If you’ve been involved in a Foundation grant that requires feedback reports, are they up to date?

Keep on doing what you do – it works!

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