August 27, 2021

The 9 Primary Purposes of this Website

Feedback welcome via our dedicated email: 

1.  Publicly accessible with no ‘members only’ section, encouraging engagement of existing members and a shop window to reach out to new communities.

2.  Encourage club partnership working in city, town, geographical clusters.

3.  Encourage clubs to define what they are about through niche marketing.

4.  Helping guide potential new members to likeminded people in appropriate clubs.  

5.  Interactive map with RotaKids, Interact, Rotaract and Rotary Clubs helping the public to discover likeminded people. 

6. Highlighting progression routes within the Rotary family from Rotakids, Interact, Rotaract to Rotary.

7.  Engaging District Rotarians with interesting relevant content and excite us by sharing good practice.

8.  Build on the revised signposting newsletter of Sharing Rotary Stories, heavily focused on powerful images and ‘read more’ opportunities.  

9.  Contact details for the District Support Team.

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