August 30, 2022

The impact of our Rotary International District 1040 alongside D1010, D1145, D1190

What is a Sand Dam?

Read more via: The challenge | Sand Dams Worldwide
Read more via The challenge | Sand Dams Worldwide

Thank you all and your supporters for enabling this dam, agriculture and environmental improvement in Kenya. When we first built sand dams our focus was those suffering from drought in the drylands. The numbers suffering today are increasing again but now we are also aware of the agriculture and environment benefits. Concern must be that the needs for sand dams will only increase.

We are now ready to go ahead with the Kwainyoe SHG Sand Dam. This is a cooperative build involving four Districts and an external supporter who we share cost with:

D1010 (North Scotland – John Glascodine)

D1040 (Areas of Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire - Tony Perryman)

D1145 (6 Greater London Boroughs, Surrey, East & West Sussex and neighbouring parts of Hampshire)- James Onions)

D1190 (Cumbria and parts of Lancashire - Don Goodier)

The Kwainyoe Self Help Group is building a super-large dam. Their village is Kitile in Kwa Kala sublocation (in Yathui location, Mwala District in Machakos County, Kenya). The Kwa Kala sublocation has 3909 people - the number who will normally have access to safe water. With the increasing lack of rains in the world we can only envisage that more people from surrounding areas will want access too. The self help group who do the building has 25 members (14 men, 11 women). Their committee has 9 members (6 men, 3 women). Total cost is £42,382. They drive and benefit from the agriculture as does the surrounding community in terms of employment and fresh food. I expect our funding partner will be Medicor Foundation.

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