September 3, 2023

Sincere thanks from Kandy Rotary

"Please convey to all at your end our most sincere thanks and appreciation for your repeated generosity towards the poor in Sri Lanka." Shamil Parkes Kandy Rotary September 2023

Shamil goes on to say "...For all the very generous donations you have made, we have sent you completed project reports. There is no doubt at all that your generous support during this very difficult period for the poor made a huge difference in enabling them to pull through. The worst of the economic crisis is over but we yet have a long long way to go. "

Roundhay Rotary provided a daily mid-day meal for around 50 students at Guruwelaya Primary School.

Roundhay also provided food packs for distribution to the community.

Thirteen Rotary clubs across the District provided support to feed the rural poor and PPE for the hospital that serves them.

The District Micro Loan scheme has also been active in Sri Lanka There is this update from Shamil "On the micro loan fund, we have given two more loans when the funds were repaid. The details are in attachment. - The last section under phase two. We give loans which are three year repayments. Therefore we can give new loans only when sufficient funds are repaid. Also, as these are poor people there are many occasions where they ask for more time to repay and we always accommodate. A full project report from the first phase of micro loans are also attached together with the other project reports (For non micro loan projects) which have been sent to you previously."

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