March 29, 2022

Rotaract and Rotary collaborating in Leeds to serve their communities

Headingley Rotary Club and Leeds Rotaract Club collaborated on a tree planting project on 16t March 2022. In total, seven trees were planted at West Park Playing Fields along a public footpath. The project was co-ordinated by one of the Rangers from Leeds City Council. Many Rotarians and Rotaractors were surprised by the number of steps required when planting each tree, from digging the hole for the tree to knocking a total of six wooden posts into the ground per tree to create the structures to protect them. Despite the rain towards the end of the afternoon, it was a very rewarding experience, and we look forward to seeing the trees grow over the coming months and years!

Furthermore, Leeds Rotaract Club has recently become a Leeds University Union Society. This required signatures to be collected and a report to be submitted for a formation event that the Rotaract Club arranged. By becoming a Society, Leeds Rotaract Club will be able to utilise the LUU social media channels and newsletters to communicate with students. The Society also aims to interact with local community groups, companies and Residence Life, who manage the majority of the Halls of Residence at the University of Leeds, to grow a wide membership basis that includes both residents and students.

If you are interested in working with Leeds Rotaract Club or you would like to learn more about supporting the growth of Rotaract in your area, please contact Penelope via

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