August 30, 2022

RotaKids launched at Lightcliffe CE Primary through Brighouse Rotary Club

The headteacher at Lightcliffe Primary, Graham Hilton, had seen a successful RotaKids club at his previous school and so shortly after his appointment at Lightcliffe he expressed an interest for his new school.  Brighouse Rotary were pleased to respond and Rotarians David Taylor and Tony Perryman visited the school early March to undertake a presentation to pupils in Years 5 and 6 to explain what RotaKids was all about and how it could work at their school. This was a completely new project for Brighouse Rotary and they were very grateful for the advice and guidance given by Pat Taylor who is our District Lead.

David and Tony were amazed at the enthusiasm and response from the children with substantial numbers keen to become involved.  They were split into two groups Lightcliffe Lions and The Musketeers, and the officials President, Vice President, Secretaries and Treasurer were voted in by the RotaKids.  Meetings were to be held weekly on Monday lunchtimes.

The Lightcliffe Lions decided they would like to raise funds for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and The Musketeers wanted to raise some money to help Disaster and Conflict Areas Worldwide.  Both groups eagerly set about their projects and soon agreed what they would like to do and how to go about it.  Lightcliffe Lions baked buns at home with their parents and held two bun sales at school which raised £107.  Both groups combined to design and make a huge variety of badges which were sold at the School Fair and raised £100.  Therefore, a grand total of £207 was available and is being send to the Disaster Emergency Committee for distribution to the above good causes.

Brighouse Rotary members report, it has been an absolute delight to get to know and work with these children.  They have run and organised their RotaKids club and David and Tony, along with Rotarian Duncan Armitage, have mentored them and offered guidance when required.  Brighouse Rotary are very grateful for the support and help received from the school staff and in particular from Adelle Hustler, Teacher and Assistant Headteacher.  Everyone can’t wait for their next project!

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