Ricci from London, UK

Ricci was attracted to Rotary because of its seven Areas of Focus:

Rotary Areas Of Focus

Basic education and literacy has been his personal focus since 2018. Ricci have been assisting with voluntary arrangements with organisations that focus on the development of providing mentoring and aspiration programs for school and college students. Education is a subject close to his heart and wherever he can, he takes part in these programs with the purpose of mentoring, inspiring and educating the younger generation on the value of learning. Encouraging them to strive, to reach, to achieve, the best and highest goals in their academic study.

As a specialist in branding and marketing, Ricci has also used his business skillset to support the Rotary family in sharing their stories and opportunities to get involved in our diverse worldwide charity, as highlighted by the Areas of Focus. Ricci believes there is significant value to individuals, businesses and community organisations working together as a humanitarian organisation of likeminded people.

Ricci also embraces 'modern day' Rotary with a lifestyle that means Rotary works around his lifestyle and not the other way round. He enjoys supporting the Rotary family with likeminded people, who have become great friends, and the freedom of 'doing his bit' particularly around his business. Ricci would welcome dialogue with fellow working aged members of the business community who wonder how they can 'do their bit' for the Rotary family, around their business, family and friends.

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