Lesley from Louth, Lincolnshire, UK

My journey with Rotary started four years ago when I moved to Louth. My sister introduced me to a friend who happened to be a long-standing Rotarian, and we hit it off immediately. Shortly afterwards she invited me to join her at a Rotary meeting which, to my delight, was a gin tasting. And that was how it all started.  Now I am Secretary of the Rotary Club of Louth and involved in the many activities and events.

I had always thought Rotary was an exclusive Club for the rich movers and shakers of the local community, but not so. If you have an interest in helping to improve lives both locally and worldwide, if you would like to be part of an international organisation of men and women who care, who get involved, then Rotary welcomes you. Each Rotarian brings unique qualities and talents and interests to add to the rich variety of members - everyone has something to contribute. We have plenty of social events and holidays at home and abroad as we connect with the Rotary worldwide family. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessary to be rich as long as you are rich in caring and compassion for those who need help. Try it, I promise you’ll find it one of the most fulfilling things you’ve ever done.

This message from Rotary International President Jennifer Jones perfectly sums up why I joined Rotary: In order to live in the kind of society you want, you have to help build it. That’s Rotary, that’s what we do.

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