February 26, 2022

Harrogate Rotary Centenary Colouring Competition"The Art of Children".

Harrogate, within the Rotary Yorkshire and Lincolnshire District, is a beautiful town, and not only the happiest town in the UK, but also now one of the most artistic towns in the UK.

The Rotary Club of Harrogate have been supporting schools in the Harrogate area for 100 years, and to celebrate this commitment, they invited the primary school children from 33 different schools in the region to enter a Centenary Colouring Competition inspired by the Malcolm the weaver educational books and asked them to colour a picture featuring The Cenotaph, Betty's Tea Rooms, Vision Support, The Pump Rooms, and Malcolm the weaver Roddy and Mairi in Valley Gardens.

Each school were also presented with a 'Trilogy' of the 3 Malcolm the weaver books for their library.

Local artist Claire Baxter was invited to judge the winners from over three hundred entries, and she was delighted with the energy and talent that has been shown by our artistic local children.

Claire has commented on each of the winning entries alongside the photos.

The top 3 entries are shown here, and you can clearly see the different styles and artistic talents that have been used by the children.

The First Prize of £500 was awarded to a pupil of St Peters CofE Primary School

Claire said " The attention to detail was brilliant and the colouring was creative and positive. I loved the use of different colours and the technical effects created".

Second Prize of £150 was awarded to a pupil of Hampsthwaite CofE Primary School

Claire remarked " I loved the different use of media, pen and coloured pencil, very clever. The blending of the sky was very effective, and the picture was very neatly coloured".

Third Prize of £100 went to a pupil of Burton Leonard Primary School

Claire commented "A massive amount of fun reflected in the choice of colours, and I loved the different coloured clouds. The rainbow coloured path is fantastic".

Alistair Ratcliffe Past President of The Rotary Club of Harrogate, and President during the Centenary Year of 2021, said " The Rotary Club members are delighted to have inspired and encouraged so many children to become involved in our colouring competition. The Arts are crucial to youngsters education, and the fun and happiness can be clearly seen from all our magnificent entries. We are focussed on helping young people and have also just concluded The Harrogate Young Citizens Award, with eight nominations from Harrogate Ladies College, Girl Guiding, and Inspire Youth. Children are our Future, treat them well and encourage them to achieve."

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