September 29, 2021

Giberdyke Phoenix Football Club and St Paul's Boxing were amongst the 61 cyclists taking part in Howden Rotary's annual cycle ride raising over £4300 for chosen charities

On Sunday 19th September 2021, 64 cyclists took part in the Howden Rotary Club’s annual cycle ride from Laxton and they succeeded in raising over £4,300 for their chosen charities.

The determined cyclists, including many children, completed either a 20, 13, 7 or 5-mile course in order to achieve their goals with fifteen different charities benefiting financially from their endeavours.

“We are delighted to again, especially given the wet start, to have had such a huge number of cyclists participating and correspondingly the total money raised for good causes is fantastic” said Howden Rotarian President Maureen Bilsbrough “really well done and many thanks to all of you, particularly those younger riders whose achievements were amazing. This is what makes it all so worthwhile. Many thanks once again”.

“Thank you also to Howden AFC who provided cyclists with tea, coffee and bacon butties” added Maureen “and we are extremely grateful to Annas Happy Trotters and Warburtons for donating the bacon and bread”.

In addition to the monies raised by the cyclists the Rotary Club originally intended to pay a “bonus” of £10 to each rider’s charity where the rider has raised £40 or more, however, on this occasion, the Club has decided, in recognition of their efforts, to donate £10 to every rider’s charity thereby donating a further £640 to the charities. The good causes benefitting from the cyclist’s endeavours include the Cancer Research, Gilberdyke Phoenix Reds, Goole Boxing Club, Goole Rotary, Goole YAC, Home Start Goole, Hook Parish Church, Howden AFC, Howden Rotary, Howdenshire Music Project, Hull YFC, ProjectLoo, Sacred Heart Church Howden, St Helen's Church, St Pauls Boxing Academy.

Gilberdyke Phoenix Football Club
St Paul's Boxing
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