November 27, 2021

Dr Ella Hill, a survivor of sexual grooming, joined a Stainborough Rotary hosted event of club representatives from within District 1040, which includes large areas of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Dr Ella Hill a survivor of sexual grooming, spoke about her own experience in Rotherham, which meant she had to flee for her own and family’s safety, from the perpetrator. She explained the impact of racism upon herself, and also on the perpetrator. She explained in great detail the impact of the behaviours. Ella expressed hope for the future with the wish to help others by the writing of a book, and the setting up of a charity / foundation for those who have been affected by racism of this type.

Ella was considered and open about the subject. She has been campaigning to get the Home Office to comply with the equality legislation and for all races to be treated the same, in how prosecutions are brought and help is offered.

Jayne Senior MBE PHF Rotherham Child Sexual Abuse whistle blower also spoke. The hope was that after the Jay report, the problem of CSE (child sexual exploitation) would have been dealt with. It was concerning two freedom of information requests, had identified 100's of more victims. There were press reports that the opposition Councillors were asking for a council debate on the subject.

The meeting expressed support for the work that Ella and Jayne were doing to resolve this dreadful on-going situation. Rotarians also expressed deep concern that the authorities in Rotherham have yet to get a grip on the situation. The safeguarding of young people should be of paramount importance to all.

This draft flyer is aimed at professionals who give support to the survivors of this type of abuse.

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