January 29, 2022

Denby Dale and District Rotary Club working in partnership with District 1040 and the Busoga Trust borehole to improve lives in Uganda

The Busoga Trust is a UK based Christian Charity founded in 1982 and has since been working to provide the people of rural Uganda with clean water and a comprehensive hygiene and sanitation education.  There guiding principle is one of long term partnership with the people it serves as can be demonstrated by the fact that the first water source constructed by the Trust in 1984 continues to pump clean water to this very day. Over 2300 clean water sources have been providing safe and clean water to over one million beneficiaries. This plus the education provided in hygiene creates a healthier and more prosperous community.

In the village of BUKADUYO NAMUSSISI 1 in Uganda’s northern district of IGANGA their government borehole was originally drilled in 2011. The Government used UPVC plastic pipes and due to their corrosion and neglect, unrepaired leakages and broken parts the borehole has become virtually non functional. The Trust has identified over 200 of these old Government boreholes in this part of Uganda.

Due to the state of the well the 270 people living in the village, many of whom are below 18 years old, have resorted to collecting water from a local swamp with all the associated risks.

The villagers have little income as it is and no capital or technical ability to carry out repairs, so this is where the Busoga Trust steps in.  With District’s matching grant our Rotary Club has been able to provide funds to enable the Trust to educate them on hygiene, form a maintenance committee and repair and renew the borehole using stainless steel pipes. With our combined help the 45 households in the village now have 34 latrines (previously 23) and 31 hand washing facilities (previously 6) which are essential in these pandemic times and things that we tend to take for granted.

In the details of the technical work and water quality, in which we are listed as sponsors, it is pleasing to see that there is now no E coli present, and the water is clear and suitable for human consumption. A plaque acknowledging our support has been erected at the well.

It is rewarding to see that our small effort in the Rotary District of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire has provided a village community with the opportunity for a better future.  The provision of what we take for granted particularly through this COVID-19 pandemic is a very worthwhile commitment.

An opportunity to read more: Water Projects | busoga-trust (busogatrust.co.uk)

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