June 28, 2021

Collaborative Rotary Club Working Backs York Charity Organic Plant Nursery

Rotarians from across York and throughout Yorkshire have combined to provide improved work conditions for those with learning difficulties and their support team.

Brunswick Organic Nursery, based in the city at Appleton Road near to Bishopthorpe, caters for up to 60 people at a time, with more than 100 staff and volunteers assisting. Growing and tending and marketing the produce at their three sites - Bishopthorpe Nursery, Bishopthorpe Palace walled garden (long-term lease) and with office space at CVS in Priory Street, York.

The requirement for extra outdoor ‘gathering' space became more pronounced during the present COVID-19 pandemic, which is severely impacting those with learning difficulties. 

Rotary in York (three clubs working together - York, York Ainsty and York Vikings) moved swiftly to pool their financial resources and applied to the Rotary district in Yorkshire for a ‘matching’ grant to support the building of a large hard standing and appropriate cover on an adjacent outdoor area at the Bishopthorpe main nursery. This was approved and the go-ahead given. The area proved its effectiveness early in December 2020 allowing the display and marketing of Christmas trees to the public from a COVID-19 -safe environment.

Also, the now floored and covered area acts as a safe and secure gathering area for the nursery staff in a fully social distanced manner.

Brunswick Shop entry sign

Work on the paved area under way

The paved area virtually complete

The paved area now a functional, covered meeting area

An opportunity to find out more:

Home - Brunswick Organic Nurseries (brunswickyork.org.uk)

Rotary York Ainsty - welcome. (rotary-ribi.org)

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