July 25, 2021

Collaborative Rotary club working as Northallerton’s garden grows at the offices of Hambleton District Council

The joint effort by the two Northallerton Rotary clubs has resulted in an impressive island bed that is a great testament to the community involvement of its two local Rotary clubs.

A big thank you to Tom for providing 17 perennials and Tony for providing a couple of big perennials and lots of annuals. The garden is nicely filling out and it is hard to believe it has been there for less than a year as it looks well established. Rotarians have left the netting around the bed as rabbits are still around. They have eaten the tops off one particular variety of bedding plant and the advice is to leave them in situ for a while as removal might encourage the rabbits to try something else!

Thank you to the Darlington and Stockton Times for their July 2021 coverage

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