Caitlin from Louth, Lincolnshire, UK

I joined Interact in 2018, its founding year, when I was 12 years old. I was vice president and then secretary after that. Now I help recruit and guide younger students to get involved.

So many students want to help other people but aren’t really sure how. I think for a lot of us, we know that there are so many people who aren't finding it that easy right now around the world. Having an Interact club gives students the opportunity to be able to look at the world in a slightly different way and channel their enthusiasm for wanting to help.

It has really been a nice way to socialise and has also helped build my self-confidence. Some of the people I got to know better through Interact became some of my closest friends. Talking about Interact at school and speaking with new students has also been a bonus. It's also given me lots more confidence, whether it's public speaking or applying for other things outside of Interact as well.

I think Interact is something that when you do it, it's really rewarding for both you and the people around you. It would be really good if more people knew about Interact, because it doesn’t just benefit you and your local community, but I believe it also benefits so many people in the world.

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