June 28, 2021

Rohingya Refugee Projects - Fire Disaster Aid

In late March a fire that started during the in part of the refugee camp in  Bangladesh, destroying a large portion of the camp, killing over a dozen people, and left nearly a thousand injured or missing. 100 firemen fought the blaze, which burned for around eight hours until midnight.

The fire displaced roughly 50,000 Rohingya refugees of the genocide in Myanmar and destroyed many buildings, including schools and food storage centres.  Some observers reported that rescue efforts were hindered by barbed-wire fencing around the camp, suggesting that it may have slowed down escapees and possibly contributed to the casualties.

With our close links already established with the refugees there the Rotary Club of Mirfield responded within a few days and raised £2050 which was sent and immediately used to give front line aid to those who had lost everything once again. 

Most of the funds raised were focussed on giving support to widows and orphans to provide clothing and other essential items. In addition, we funded 40 tarpaulins for the rainy season and distributed sleeping mats and clothing before Eid.

This now concludes this successful project to provide aid to those who had nothing after the fire ravaged part of the refugee camp. A big thank you and many prayers have been sent to us from the recipients.

The photos show refugees receiving the donated items.

Paul Cusworth
President 2020-21

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