October 16, 2021

Post-District conference message from Stephen Ellis, District Governor

Dave King and Jayne Senior live from our studio in Bradford on Saturday 9 October - this clip is not live

"The conference on Saturday 9th October was the culmination of several months intense work with three external organisations, including technical organisations and Rotary members. A defined plan was developed and implemented to deliver, not only an event, but all the digital media assets that we're needed, including a venue, to support our first virtual conference. 

The infrastructure included a 27-page website, registration system, live chat rooms, and live update systems all fully customised for Rotary District 1040 to be completed within a very tight timeframe.

In the build-up to the event 220 people registered and apart from a few small issues, most people wanting to visit the conference on the day could do so. 

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the conference could not be recorded and consequently, cannot be viewed in the weeks following the event as promised. Please accept our apologies in this regard.

We are looking to building on the knowledge and skills we have developed and to take them forward to next year’s conference.

As much of the recorded content from Conference will feature on the District website over the next few weeks".

Who was who in conference

Stephen Ellis
District Governor
Stephen joined Rotary to enjoy fellowship whilst at the same time helping others at home and around the world
Dave King
Rotary Magazine Editor
For the past four years, Dave has served as editor of Rotary magazine, as well as a lead writer for the Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland website
Nicki Scott
Rotary International Director and Leader of the Association 2021-23
Nicki’s works with Rotary to help bridge the gap to the next generation of leaders for our second century of service.
Ash Razzaq
National Community Champion
Ash is an experienced Police Officer with a background in Response, Neighbourhood and Counter Terrorism Prevent Policing. He also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CATCH (Community Action To Create Hope), a volunteer-led charity based in Harehills, Leeds
Pat Taylor
District Youth Lead
Pat joined Rotary in 2005 and said that she would stay for twelve months and see how it went… sixteen and a half years later she is well and truly a Rotarian
Rupert Cooke
Creative Director
Rupert’s passion and drive is specifically to help people less fortunate than himself having benefitted from a comfortable upbringing and a free education
Colin Rennie
Homeless Ambassador
Colin, as someone who has been homeless worked with Rupert to produce a short film to act as a role model for others impacted by homelessness
Jayne Senior
Sex Abuse Whistleblower
Jayne will take us on the journey of what ‘really’ happened in Rotherham, and her battle to continue speaking out on this issue
John Hodge
District Public Image Lead
John joined Rotary in 2017, inspired by a family involvement in the worldwide charity. John is now in his second year as Public Image lead
Lorraine Hayman
Rotary Peace Scholar
Lorraine is an education enthusiast with over 12 of experience in international education as a teacher, student, and researcher. Currently residing in Tokyo, Japan, she is a Rotary Peace Fellow, recently graduating with a master’s degree with honours in Social and Cultural Analysis from International Christian University
George Spiteri
Environmental District Lead George’s skill sets are in strategic leadership, culture, change management, governance and he hopes to continue using those skills in his voluntary roles.
Anne Sutcliffe
Membership District Lead
Having attended conferences locally, nationally and international in Rotary and managed to attend meetings from Scarborough, UK, through to Chicago, USA, and Sydney, Australia, through the wonders of Zoom, Anne feels a truly global citizen and only wants to continue to expand and achieve in her Rotary journey
Dr Raj Mani
Past President of Aireborough Rotary
As Raj started his term as President amidst lockdown, Aireborough had set up a Sister Club agreement with Madras Chenna Patna Rotary Club, this proved invaluable in the fight against Covid-19 in India
Robert Morphet
Conference Committee Chair
Robert is proud to be associated with Rotary for over 29 years, the old saying goes ‘that you don’t know what you are missing until it’s gone’ was certainly true of my experience during the five years I was unable to be a part it.
Luke Simon
Founder and CEO of School in Bag
In late 2019, School in a Bag became a standalone charity and in early 2020, School in a Bag Trading Ltd was registered to run the numerous fundraising events carried out, including Home Farm Fest, the charity’s annual three-day music festival which since 2006 has raised £475,700
Danielle Brown is an archer, a double Paralympic gold medallist and five times World Champion.
She was World Number 1 for her entire career. She also achieved something which is achieved exceptionally rarely - she successfully transitioned from the paralympic team to the able-bodied team.
Malcolm Tagg
District Governor Elect
Malcolm feels there is always something new and inspiring to consider or marvel at, especially the dedication of clubs and individual Rotarians to their innovative projects worldwide
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