September 28, 2021

Microloan review and update Panchamul Valley, Nepal

Barry Pollard, Harrogate Brigantes Rotary

Major Lil Gurung, MBE, Himalayan Gurkhas Rotary, Kathmandu


This is a summary of the detailed annual reports submitted annually by Major Lil Gurung MBE, the

administrator of the scheme. There are 7 schemes in total including 4 where the monies are

loaned out annually and collected 1 year later. The first 2 were launched in 2013, the second 2

in 2015. Typical sums range from £50 to £100 per family.

Since 2013 this scheme has directly helped around 450 families; there have been no incidents

of families failing to repay.


Herewith the overview details:

No of beneficiary families: 68

No of loan recycles: 26

Total number of loans: 452

Total families supported 452 over a 8 year period

Other Schemes

Goat Bank 1

This was launched in 2015 and is a modification to microloan model. Goats are loaned out and

when they breed, one of the offspring is given back to the Goat Bank. This project was fully

funded by Northallerton Rotary at a cost of approx.. £4400. It has been highly successful and has

now been split into a number of mini goat farms.

Goat Bank 2

This was funded by a mixture of funds, some local, some £2000 from Northallerton Mowbray

Rotary and £500 from District 1040 Microloan fund. It continues today as a sheep farm and has

been moved to a different location for safety reasons.

New Chicken Farm

This was launched in 2020 and was funded by some of the surplus funds raised by Harrogate

Brigantes Kids Aloud 2019 Monkey Boy concert.

Goat pen area
Microloan handout ceremony
Travelling grocers
Water buffalo

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