June 26, 2021

Exciting International Interact Partnership Working

The Interact Club of KEVIGS (King Edward V1 Grammar School) in Louth has reached out to a fellow Interact Club at Sequoyah High in Canton, north of Atlanta in Georgia, USA. Both Clubs are sponsored by Louth and Canton Rotary, respectively. For Louth Rotary, this is a new chapter in a partnership with fellow Georgia Rotarians over the last 30+ years.

An exciting project in development in development is the designing and making of prosthetic hands using 3D printing. The story so far:

October 2020

Louth and Canton Rotary reached out via Zoom

January 2021

International Interactors in contact via Zoom 

March 2021

Insert image 2

Interactors from the USA join in with The Interact Club of KEVIGS Charter fun and games. 

April 2021

Insert images 3 and 4 

The hands arrive in the UK from the USA so they can be used as a learning tool. 

June & July 2021 

There now follows a planning stage involving Interactors and their schools in order for computer science and robotics classes to learn more about the hands, which is planned to take place in the autumn when both Sequoyah and KEVIGS return from their summer school holidays. 

From the autumn, the next stage will be designing making a bespoke hand for a client in the UK. 

An opportunity finds out more:

Contact John at louthrotary@gmail.com 

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